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Project Description

Orenda speaks the language of the youth while it transcends you to the vibrant soul of the city. It caters for young professionals and newly-weds who are seeking a comfortable zone with optimized space. The compound is designed to offer simple luxury in vibrant and exciting neighborhoods. The architecture shows a blend of historical features representing different architectural eras/types while maintaining colors that soothe the eye. The compound offers one, two and three-bedroom apartment units. Pedestrian areas and landscaped courts envelop the buildings in ways that will only bring comfort and joy to your senses. Given the fast paced world we live in, where time is of great value, the compound facilities cater for your needs in a glimpse of an eye. Designed to complement the commercial services of The City of Odyssia, delis, bakeries, convenience stores, pharmacies and boutique retail outlets are but a few of such services at hand. The hardship of driving to the gym will be replaced by the ease of walking to your destination given its proximity and admirable closeness. Your supermarket will be within easy reach on your way back home. If you fancy going out with friends for dinner, or if you wish to grab a quick meal, then you can choose from the variety of near- by restaurants made available within easy reach. Order online and your parcels will be collected and stored in the designated lockers through the concierge services. Enjoy a swift discharge of your garbage through the shoots that are especially designed to facilitate this mission just outside your door. Park your car in the basement of your building in its allotted parking space to avoid crowds and the risk of subjecting your car to mishaps in open spaces.

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